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Explore the secrets of Breitling high-tech timepieces for pilots and divers

Breitling is the most famous Swiss manufacturer who has specialized in the design of timepieces for pilots for decades. Breitling's catalog has evolved  with the times to adapt to modern aviation.

Breitling sits above most luxury watches of impeccable quality—with a blend of cutting-edge technology, robustness, performance, and style. Breitling watches unique features allow the calculation of aviation-related data and are even capable of emitting distress signals. Discover more.

Breitling timepieces

Why choose Breitling?

More than a favorite brand, Breitling is committed to constantly meeting the needs of those who wear it—pushing the limits of its base manufactured features. Its  "return in flight" functions and aerospace models tailored for extreme conditions.
Among the hundred or so esteemed brands within the great niche world of quality watchmaking, Breitling owes its fame to the timepieces that retain the preference and the confidence of professionals and fans of the aeronautical world. Breitling can boast of holding the honorary title of "official watch supplier of world aviation."

Today, Breitling guarantees the excellence of its heritage. The watch brand submits its movements to the official Swiss chronometer control center in the capital of fine watchmaking.

Breitling is a specialist in technical watches and is a privileged brand trusted by pilots. When you wear a Breitling watch, you have  an unparalleled experience.

Breitling collection

Where you've seen Breitling

Breitling has its own aeronautic pilots, the Breitling Jet Team. One of the group's emblematic pilots is the actor John Travolta, certified on eight types of aircraft, and with impressive flight hours on the clock, the actor never leaves his Breitling behind.

We’ve seen James Bond on the movie screen with a Breitling watch.  It  featured  an integrated Geiger counter that allowed the agent 007 to locate the atomic stolen bombs while still emanating charm and sophistication.
Even more inspiring for modern watch aficionados who are really into exclusivity, performance, and design—are Breitling's other talented ambassadors: Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and the Star Wars star, Adam Driver.
Breitling is the brand for men and women who don't like to limit themselves and never waste time, taking full advantage of timepieces which feature out-of-the-chart functionalities.


Breitling Navitimer


The Navitimer collection is the trendy timepiece for airplane enthusiasts, fitted with the Breitling caliber—the brand's most reliable movement.

And on the visual side, it stands out with an iconic red needle and gold logo. Historical timepieces inspire the Navitimer sports design elements.

Breitling Chronomat



The Chronomat collection, in turn, is part of Breitling's leading collection. It not only features impressive aesthetics, but it's also intended for pros who know their timepieces.

Lively and colorful, the models have a strong personality, a waterproof case, and a safety valve to balance pressure—pilots love it!

Breitling Superocean



Pilot watches aren’t the only ones experiencing a whole new level of watchmaking. Breitling offers a wide choice of diver watches as well. With the Superocean collection, Breitling marks its presence in other adventure fields.

The Superocean Heritage collection is brimming with vintage-inspired models aimed at lovers of retro-designed timepieces.



The Breitling Avenger collection combines the advantages of pilots and diving watches. They’re easy to read night or day, incredibly robust, and partly water-resistant.

Breitling's Avenger watches bridge the gap between aviation and diving—the functionality and easy readability of a pilot's watch blends with the durable and waterproof features of a diver's watch. The top models come with a chronograph function and a GMT display.


Breitling watch

Benefits of buying a Breitling watch


Breitling collections are driven by the automatic calibers, and its movements are certified by the COSC Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, which guarantees superior precision.

As usual with pilot's watches, the dial design is very attractive. Breitling offers you a watch with bar indexes or stencil numerals—which resembles the numbering of aircraft and aircraft hangars.
Just like the rectangular indexes and arrows, they’re filled with luminous material. The dial is available in your favorite colors. Matching bracelets made of stainless steel or leather to keep your timepiece secure and comfortable on your wrist.

Breitling technology

You deserve a timepiece that's changed technology

Breitling features supported the development of motorsports and aeronautic changes—and not the other way around—which tells you how much you can trust the research behind every single watch piece.

Breitling invented the first independent push-button chronograph and reset functions. Later, Breitling launched a wrist chronograph which took over all air navigation operations.  

If the chronograph was developed in the 19th century, it was Breitling which, at the beginning of the 20th century, made it the essential accessory for all wrists.

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Jay Roberts Jewelers Breitling's portfolio includes several collections of both trendy retro watches and modern timepieces that will impress you with their technique.

Indulge in a timepiece designer whose majority of mechanical movements are certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. Jay Roberts Jewelers is a legitimate and authorized dealer where you can be sure all pieces feature the manufacturer's warranty.
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