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How The Exclusive Appeal Of A Cartier Watch Is Shaping Time

Cartier needs no introduction. Its wristwatches have been spotted on some of the most influential people in the world. Cartier has always been iconic, flourishing since 1847 with the most recognizable watchmaking techniques.

From its sophisticated jewelry to its exquisite fragrances, we all love Cartier. Now, for those who appreciate luxurious timepieces, the connection gets even deeper—the designer keeps outdoing its own creations with rare metals and stunning new finishes.

Whether you're a devotee of all things Cartier or you've become acquainted with the "jeweler of kings" only recently,  we have all the details on Cartier's greatest releases.


Which Cartier is the right Cartier for you?


Cartier Tank


We’re often asked if the Cartier tank is a good watch. Cartier Tank is legendary. The simple and straight outlines of the case are similar to a combat vehicle. The design of the Cartier Tank has remained practically unchanged since 1917.
You’ll see this watch on the wrist of celebrities and top officials from the last century and today. A Cartier Tank is relevant, elegant, and timeless.
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Cartier Pasha


Originally tailor-made for the Sultan of Marrakech, Cartier Pasha's watches quickly found admirers around the world.

The Cartier Pasha watch originally featured water resistance, a rounded shape, sword-shaped hands, and four Arabic numerals on the dial. The fresh design features the iconic square while the hands now come in an elegant diamond-shape.
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Cartier Panthère


Cartier Panthère boasts of elegant beauty that’s easy to understand, and it’s full of personality. A new family of watches from Cartier, Panthère has brought together some of the finest aesthetics in the brand's history, then lavishly embellished it with new details.

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Cartier Ballon Bleu

Ballon Bleu

Cartier Ballon Bleu is an elegant round Swiss watch with an unusual crown featuring sapphires hidden under an arch within the case.

The Roman numerals are offset to break the perfect circle on the dial. The result is a reliable, exquisite, and very exclusive timepiece.

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Cartier Drive


This was one of Cartier's most anticipated collections. This is Cartier excelling also at diver’s watches. Iconic elements have been boldly updated in an original cushion case with rounded corners and a redesigned dial featuring several guilloche levels.

The hands are shaped like swords, and the Roman numerals are angled perfectly within the edges of the case.

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Cartier Calibre


The Cartier Calibre is powered by its own in-house movement and brings the highest degree of luxury and prestige to the world of sports watch design.

Roman numerals, a sapphire crown, and Cartier's stoic aesthetic elements make it equally admired for both formal and casual wear.

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Santos de Cartier

Featured: The Santos de Cartier

When Cartier released its first Santos watch in 1904, it was a groundbreaker. In an era of pocket watches, Santos was designed with a leather strap to be worn on the wrist thereby freeing  the hands of the man who inspired it, the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, so he could fly a plane unencumbered.   
The watch was square instead of round, inspired by the urban architecture of the Eiffel Tower. And, also somewhat shocking: the bezel screws were visible, delivering another industrial touch.
All in all, the Santos de Cartier watch wasn’t just revolutionary; it was mightily attractive too.  No wonder it proved to be so popular that Cartier continues to offer it to this day. 

Recently, the Santos has been updated with striking new changes that still respect the watch's DNA but bring it up to contemporary times, such as a caliber resistant to  powerful magnetic fields.

Santos de Cartier Watch

Additionally, for all the deep-sea divers out there, Santos is now water-resistant, a feat that is accomplished with minimal case thickness. The watch's functionality has been updated to stand changes in position, humidity, temperature, pressure, impact, and acceleration—none of it interferes with its accuracy.  
There’s a choice of steel or gold links in the Santos' strap (calfskin or alligator skin in an array of colors is also available). The straps are interchangeable and can be switched in the flick of a wrist, thanks to Cartier's QuickSwitch™ system.
The link bracelet can be customized for a personalized fit, removing or adding links with the touch of a button, the result of Cartier's SmartLink™ self-fitting technology. 
The features that made the Santos de Cartier so loved in the first place remain the same: the signature square shape, the visible screws, the refined yet rugged aesthetic, the masterful  artistry, and the ultimate reliability of function.
The Santos de Cartier is a timeless classic re-engineered for modern living.

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