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Choose an engagement ring that speaks to you

An engagement ring is a promise of love and a piece of jewelry to be chosen with care. How to find the ring that will earn you a “yes” for life?
This article will help you choose a model for the style and personality of your soulmate by learning to identify important design elements of engagement rings.


Giving a piece of jewelry to the person you love is a tradition that has existed and has been perpetuated since the dawn of time.
In this regard, the engagement ring symbolizes the desire for a union between two people who wish to commit to each other.
This jewel is offered by the future groom to his beloved as a token of love and a promise of a future for two.
Engagement rings are usually more extravagant than wedding bands. They are worn even after marriage, so they are crafted with the most rigorous care.

Types of engagement rings



This classic frame has a central stone supported on each side by stones of less than or equal size. It is an architectural and symbolic representation of the past, present, and future.


This ring style is characterized by two interlocking stones. The lovely junction can be mounted with precious stones or not.

This ring is very popular for engagements because of the symbolism of two souls finding each other.

Free Form

For couples who are not afraid to think outside the box and love originality. Free-form rings include exquisite shapes and stone cuts, they frequently come in two or three tones of metals, and always make a lasting impression.


The ultimate engagement ring, the solitaire consists of a ring topped with a single gemstone. It is the most common and timeless engagement ring design.
The stone will be beautifully highlighted thanks to the prong setting allowing it to be enhanced on the finger while remaining discreet and elegant.


The halo setting features smaller diamonds that surround the center stone and showcase its brightness.

The overall look is both glamorous and romantic, making this type one of the most popular for engagement rings.

Split Shank

The Intense design in this ring creates the illusion of a bigger style with a doubled sparkling effect. The shank is cleaved into two strands before joining at the ring's top.

The style allows a small peek of the finger between the divided parts: so very enticing!


A classic engagement ring of prongs set tightly against the mount. Straight rings will pair easily with other jewelry, which makes them favorites for matching sets of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Criss Cross

It is a ring turned on itself to create the most original effect. It is twisted and intertwined into a sleek and sparkling “braid”.

This is a style that is out of the ordinary without being too ostentatious.

Metals for Engagement Rings


White gold
Is arguably the most common metal for an engagement ring. Its neutral color is easy to wear and will go wonderfully with all stone colors.

Rose gold 
Is particularly fashionable in recent years. Its luminous tone makes it a metal that particularly highlights fair complexions.
Yellow gold 
Warm color makes it a recognizable material among a thousand. Yellow gold looks incredible with dark and tanned complexions.
Is easy to wear on a daily basis. Platinum retains its wonderful white color indefinitely, while white gold tends to acquire slight yellow hue over time.


Our advice: if you are hesitating between all the options, don't take the risk and choose one yet, learn more about the characteristics of metals.


Sapphire Rings

Sapphire-embellished engagement rings have been on the rise in recent years.

If your partner has left you with clues that she will prefer a colored gemstone, take the opportunity to show them that you are attentive to their every wish and choose the stone they have directed you to.

Sapphires evoke loyalty and are one of the most sold precious stones in the world. The brighter the blue, the more expensive the sapphire will be.



How to categorize diamonds?

A diamond ring symbolizes the wish for eternal union and that is why diamonds are most often used for engagement rings.
Due to its unique characteristics and the solidity of the stone, this unalterable gemstone becomes the symbol of timeless love.

The quality and value of a diamond is defined using 4 criteria, which we call the 4Cs: they mark the shape, the weight, the clarity, and the color of the diamond (cut, carat, clarity, color). These four criteria are also present on the certificate that accompanies your future ring.

If you want to explore every nuance of the 4Cs, check Jay Roberts’ Diamond Education Page.

Center Stone Cut


The most common cut for an engagement ring, also called "brilliant cut". It is the one that will bring the most sparkle to your stone.


The oval shape is also very popular. It has the advantage of appearing bulkier than it is (because it is wide but shallow). It brings a vintage touch to gemstones and diamonds alike.


A square with rounded edges brings modernity and softness to the jewelry it adorns. It is quite a difficult shape to cut and find, especially for rare colored stones. A favorite of lovers of rarity!


Cut like a teardrop, the pear shape appeals to those who want a resolutely feminine piece of jewelry with a touch of originality.


The princess cut is square with sharp corners. It entices for its graphic and very regular appearance.


A marquise diamond is an elongated double-pointed diamond. Luxurious and charming, the marquise is making a comeback!


The emerald cut requires a diamond of good purity. This cut has less shine and dispersion than a brilliant cut; however, it gives off a softer and more subtle light which makes it singular, sober, and elegant.


Check Jay Roberts Gemstone Education Page to see how beautiful each cut looks.

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