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The Complete Guide To Brilliant Lagos Pieces

Lagos is exactly what you’re looking for if you want a piece of jewelry with feminine styles that encourage a more personal fashion expression. In addition to offering you the best precious materials and expert craftsmanship, they also have countless modern, iconic styles. Learn more with this complete guide!

Who created Lagos jewelry?

steve lagos
Lagos was created in 1977 by its founder and creative director, Steven Lagos, who pioneered making combinations of precious materials – such as silver, gemstones, gold, and much more – and expert craftsmanship for offering modern, innovative and iconic styles in every jewelry piece.

However, even with the foundation in 1977, its distinctive look didn’t come to fruition until 1984, when the look of raw hematite inspired Steven Lagos to create the signature look of the brand, known as “Caviar.” 

This name comes from the textured look of the sterling silver beading that is seen in many Lagos designs, such as the Smart Caviar.
Steven Lagos always believed in the jewelry's emotional power, saying, "When you give someone a piece of jewelry, you're really giving them a memory. Something they're going to cherish for a lifetime.”

Where is Lagos jewelry from?

Lagos is a Philadelphia-based jewelry business that was established nearly forty years ago when Steven Lagos was just 20 years old, as mentioned before. 

Lagos learned craftsmanship and quality at the age of 17 while working as an apprentice for a Russian jeweler. Since then, according to Lagos, he has created 10,000 pieces, with 400 to 500 new designs each year – always searching for improvements in each piece made!
The beautiful Lagos pieces

Lagos is committed to the quality of each item it sells and its craftsmanship. Despite being fashioned of precious materials, these items are unquestionably wearable, versatile, and ideal for a wide range of wardrobes and lifestyles. 

Lagos accessories can give your outfit the proper amount of flair, regardless of whether you prefer cute details or daring statement pieces. Check out and fall in love with the options we offer for you here in Jay Roberts:
Smart Caviar
Smart Caviar

Because it is worn on your wrist, the Apple Watch can perform tasks that other gadgets cannot. Wearing it provides a fitness companion that tracks every movement you make, insightful health information, and a connection to the people and things you care about most.

However, if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your Apple Watch from a sporty smartwatch to fine jewelry without losing any of its modern features, the Smart Caviar from Lagos is what you need.

With a diverse range of materials, you can choose your favorite to match your style, such as gold and silver – it's simply impossible to go wrong with Smart Caviar bracelets!


Whether as a gift or for personal use, the pendants are amazing in every way! Carrying unique and special keepsakes literally close to the heart has never been so easy.

With our great selection of Lagos pendants, you can choose a model that suits you best and matches your daily style to make it even more special. 

With a gemstone pendant, you can add a fun and colorful detail to your outfit. Choose your favorite from chrysocolla, lapis, topaz, and turquoise. – check it out!


The fact that bracelets are worn on the wrists, where they easily create a fashion statement, gives even the most basic actions an air of elegance to accompany you wherever you go. And it becomes even more real when it comes to Lagos bracelets!

Here at Jay Roberts, you'll discover great options of versatile items made with gold and silver and also other stunning silver pieces with diamond accents and brilliant colors, your only problem will be choosing which one is the most beautiful!

Where can I find Lagos's beautiful designs in south Marlton, NJ?

At Jay Roberts Jewelers, we have only the best of Lagos collections. With innovation and stunning colors, they are exactly what you need to refresh your entire wardrobe with elegance and fun. Our jewelry experts will be happy to help you choose the perfect piece for you.

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