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On the spotlight: common questions
about watch repairs

Did you know that a timepiece can have up to two thousand moving parts? Like any complex engine, they need regular maintenance to perform as well as on the day you first fell in love with them.
Even when repairing a watch requires dissembling and resembling it, watches and timepieces are such a good investment that you should always consider updating instead of replacing them. In this way, you can delight in an ever-growing timepiece collection with pieces that will fit your every need.
man timepiece

Are your favorite watches and timepieces in need of some love?

Constant maintenance will help you keep timepieces for a lifetime, it is true, but are you wondering if a timepiece which has been a little neglected can still get back to its prime days?
Every piece is unique, and yours is no different.  So, bring it to Jay Roberts. We are well experienced in taking care of Breitling, Cartier, David Yurman, Chopard, IWC, Longines, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Movado, Panerai, Omega, Shinola, and TAG Heuer repairs and adjustments.
magnetized watch

What to do with a magnetized watch?

You have heard of it before, but it is always good to remember that your watch and magnetic fields don't exactly agree. This permanent tech wave keeps us surrounded by magnetic fields generated by our cellphones, airports, locks, and computers.
When your precious piece is exposed to these too often, they can affect your watch's rhythm and accuracy. Watch accuracy is a big deal. You trust your watch to be on time, so when it deregulates and starts running slowly or too fast, it is time to have it demagnetized.
Watch water resistant

Can a watch be tested for water-resistance?

Take a look at your watch; the parts that make it a water-resistant watch are the crown, case back, and gaskets (O-rings). The three perform differently but share the same common goal—sealing your watch and stopping water from penetrating its mechanisms.  
Are you curious about how watches are tested for water resistance? In a nutshell, your watch is submerged in special chambers where an expert uses water and air pressure to investigate, locate, and repair water leaks.
watch replacement battery

Is battery replacement complicated?

The battery is an essential part of your watch. A regular battery has a durability of 18 months to 2 years under regular use. If the hands of your battery-operated watch no longer work or if you've noticed watch delays, the battery may be dead.
Changing the battery is a simple but meticulous process because it involves opening your watch. Opening a timepiece makes the movement susceptible to humidity. If you want to preserve the waterproof aspects of a watch, it is essential to have the battery changed by a professional who has the ideal waterproofing test tools.
Our jewelers know the type of battery that will fit perfectly on your watch. Jay Roberts Jewelers’ watchmakers replace the battery for all watches: Japanese, Swiss, European, and American.
Timepieces adjustments

My timepiece is too tight or too loose—what should I do?

Jay Roberts Jewelers provide link adjustments to a variety of timepieces and watches. Resizing your watch will be easy and stress-free with us. We will provide you with alternatives to maintain the high-end quality of your piece even after we replace links.
Watch resizing is not the only type of repair you might need done in the bracelet of your watch. Maybe the pin holding it in place has come loose. Remember, Jay Roberts Jewelers’ experts fix everything. Take the broken parts of your watch and delight in the new and fresh look they will appraise for you.
Once you have these services complete, you will feel your watch or timepiece slide in place as if they were made for your wrist! Timepieces are designed with your comfort in mind, so come to us to make sure you have the correct measurements, and we will help you tailor your watch bracelets and links to fit you like a glove!
Watch cleaning

Can scratches on my watch be repaired?

The vast majority of watch lovers wear them often. No matter how carefully you wear your watch, small scratch marks on the case, glass, and bracelet happen. A wristwatch is in contact with many surfaces, and, as a result, the outer parts of the watch can lose their glamour over time.

Jay Roberts Jewelers offers you light polishing services as well as authorized and certified replacement of parts for fine brands. Here, you will have genuine parts and required equipment so that your watch receives the utmost maintenance and repair.  
Polishing and restoring the appearance of watches is easy with Jay Roberts. Your precious piece will shine bright again with our case and bracelet polishing and finishing techniques.

Where to find watch repair services near me?

Every new day, artisans are working in the heart of Jay Roberts Jewelers—a specialized group of watchmakers gathers at the stores' atelier to bring timepieces back to life.  
With a blend of legacy and innovations, Jay Roberts' rhythm flows like their own live mechanism—artisans polishing, embellishing, and testing timepieces of the highest degree of complexity with care and precision.
Not many Swiss watch repair Jewelry stores in New Jersey offer high-quality repair and maintenance of premium wristwatches. If you ever wonder, “where can I repair my watch?” Get on-site watch repair on a variety of services from Jay Roberts in Marlton, New Jersey.
Jay Roberts service center is equipped with the latest components, parts, materials, and tools recommended by Swiss manufacturers. You can trust us!

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