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Wedding Bands questions and answers

The perfect wedding band should be comfortable, beautiful, well-designed, and very stylish! There are various options
to choose from, and the questions that come with
them are many.

What is the relevance of wedding bands? Are wedding bands and engagement rings the same? In which hand should I
wear it? What types are there? Can stones adorn part
of the ring, or should they surround the entire band?

This article tackles the most asked questions about
wedding bands and untangles all your fears
for an exceptional purchase!

What is the significance
of wedding bands?

The jewel exchanged between spouses is designed to protect
their union and show loyalty.

Wedding bands do not have to be the same, but the best choices are made in a similar style: a continuous line with a message
of eternal love.

The bride's band can be decorated with outstanding stones,
while the groom's reflects the design.

These bands are tokens of the love you feel and complement
your wedding ceremony to perfection.


What is the difference between
a wedding band and an engagement ring?

While they have the same origins, the engagement ring and the wedding band are very different rings that do not correspond to the same moments in life.

An engagement ring is the piece of jewelry that you offer to make your marriage proposal. From this moment, the engagement period begins, generally dedicated to the preparations for
the wedding ceremony.

Engagement rings are feminine pieces of jewelry offered as a surprise. They also feature one or more central stones.

On the other hand, a wedding band is exchanged during the wedding ceremony, most often after the vows. It is a ring
worn by men and women as a sign of their union.

Wedding bands can also be called wedding rings. There is no difference here. Both terms refer to the bands exchanged
in a wedding ceremony.


In which hand to wear
the wedding band?

This tradition has its origin in ancient Rome, where it was
believed that a vein in the ring finger of the left hand
went directly to the heart.

The Romans called this the vein of love . You can carry this
beautiful tradition by continuing to wear your
wedding band on this finger.

How to wear wedding bands and engagement rings together?

You have a few options:

Wear your wedding band and engagement ring together in the order you received them. This will place the wedding band against the engagement ring.
Wear your engagement ring on your right hand after the wedding ceremony and
let the wedding band on your ring finger.
This is a good option if your hands are tiny, and you get uncomfortable with two
rings on the same finger after a while.

Wear your wedding band with the engagement ring on top. This is our favorite because your rings will look nicer in this order.

Some people prefer this option because they feel that wearing the wedding band this way brings it closer to their hearts. If you like this option, beautiful bridal sets of engagement rings and wedding bands stylishly pair the two rings with dazzling harmony.


What characterizes
men's wedding bands?

Men's wedding rings are usually smooth and wide. Models
enhanced with carvings, weaving, a matte finish are
grooms' favorites.

Modern trends of wedding bands offer gold and platinum models. They are strong and durable, and  weight more than
women's bands.

What characterizes
women's wedding bands?

Today, we have an incredible variety of bands that add a
glamorous finishing touch to feminine looks. The finish in a
wedding band dictates the entire concept as well as the
comfort provided to the wearer.

Tiny details in the stones and settings will affect the design's
overall appearance, giving wedding bands a more
contemporary look or an established grace.

What are the types of wedding bands?

The stones adorning the shank of wedding bands are small diamonds or other precious
stones. When well incorporated, they give bands an added touch of sparkle and
glamour. Here are some of the most popular settings:


Channel wedding band

This is one of the most popular settings. Here the gemstones are delicately suspended
between two parallel walls of precious metal for a graceful and elegant look.


Pavé setting

The pavé setting is a glamorous design in which the stones are mounted very close to
each other for a stunning and rendering look of encrusted diamonds.


Shared prong wedding band

The shared prong setting works beautifully with rows of larger diamonds. The stones
share the same metal prongs, allowing more light to pass through them
and dramatically illuminate the band.


Milgrain wedding band

The band is designed in the milgrain style (with metal beads), creating a scalloped
effect for endless sophistication and glamour.


Micro paved setting

This is a more delicate variation of the pave setting. The band's surface is smooth
and uniform, as no large prongs keep the stone in place. It is an excellent
composition of delicate diamonds.


French setting

The French set is veneered by its elegance and complexity. Here the metal prongs
holding the diamonds have a small V-shaped cutout dent below each diamond,
giving them the appearance of split prongs when viewed from above.

Where can I find wedding bands in South Marlton, NJ?


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